May 5, 2008

Where to find great deals!

If you want to save money in these harsh economic times you have to know where to shop. The Vineland Indoor Shopping Plaza is one of those places. From clothing to toys, party supplies to cell phones its all here with more on the way. Forget what comes to mind when you think of an indoor swap meet because the Vineland Indoor Shopping Plaza isn't what you would expect. You won't find vendors selling the same thing on the next isle, like many indoor swap meets i.e. the valley indoor swap meet. Also they aren't selling the same crap that you'll find at many swap meets. Several vendors are selling top name brands at bargain prices.

Here at we'll keep you updated on all the latest news, deals and specials that are going on at the plaza. Until then keep looking for those deals!

Vineland Indoor Shopping Plaza
7200 Vineland Ave
Sun Valley, CA 91352
818 764-7400
Friday 11-7pm Saturday and Sunday 10-6pm